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On February 25, 2014

Derby Jackpot – Win Money, Promote Fun!

SmarterChaos.com LLC – Castle Rock, CO — 02/25/14 — The Premier Affiliate Marketing and Online Performance Management Agency is proud to announce an exciting and innovative gaming site:

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“We are excited to partner closely with a leading agency such as SmarterChaos.com to build a strong affiliate program and to offer safe, legal, and fun online gambling to their network of affiliates.”
-Tom Hessert, Founder/CEO, DerbyJackpot.com

This is an exciting opportunity to promote a fun and unique gaming experience. Choose from lead or sale campaigns and start earning great commission today!

Please email beth@smarterchaos.com for more information. 

DerbyJackpot is easier to win than the lottery. Their games are all based on live US horse races. Players pick real horses by name, color, or odds and can bet as little as 10 cents and win over $10,000! Players can cash out anytime and take their winnings immediately!

Horseracing is the ONLY legal way to gamble online in the US. DerbyJackpot is licensed through the State of Oregon, and the odds played are exactly the same as at the track. Their top-notch, bank-level security ensures that players’ earnings are secure and they never store players’ personal financial information.

Campaign Details:

Payout: Lead – $7.50 (Capped at 50 leads per day); Sale – $40

Action Locking: 10 days after the end of the month

Payout Schedule: Net 30

Click Referral Period: 30 Days

Types of Traffic Allowed:  Email, Display, Social with approval, Contextual, Search with approval by advertiser

Restrictions:  US 18+, Must not be mailed to the same list more than once a day, absolutely no incent traffic.

Countries: Consumer must be 18+, US Only. Restricted to consumer signups approved and validated from the following approved states – Ohio, Massachusetts, Florida, Indiana, California, Alabama, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maine, Colorado, Arkansas, Michigan, Washington, Delaware, Illinois, North Dakota, Iowa, Oregon, Maryland, Wisconsin, Vermont, Louisiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Montana, Wyoming, Virginia, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Kansas, South Dakota, New Mexico, and Idaho.

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